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Chuugoku Teuchira Membazoku (中国手打拉麺 馬賊) Tokyo


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Ramen, Tsukemen, Dandan noodles

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on 15 Apr 2023

坦々つけ麺 / Tantan Tsukemen / Chūgoku Teuchi Ramen Bazoku — Asakusa, Tokyo

Tantan dipping soup is sesame based, containing ground meat and various spices. Teuchi noodles are hand-pulled and beaten without the use of a machine. Noodles are cut extra long and served in water. Mapo-Tofu, handmade gyoza, menma and pickled za-sai on the side.

An old school Chinese style ramen shop, with a 2nd branch in Nippori open since 1977. Asakusa flagship since 1974. 20 seats.

6 / 10
on 05 Jan 2021

Recommended bowl: Hand-pulled noodles

This Chinese restaurant specializes in teuchmen, aka 'handmade noodles.' The noodles here are made in the old hand-pulled style, with no noodle machine involved. The dough is rolled and then swung and beaten on the counter repeatedly. It's then twisted and wrapped countless times before it's finally cut with a small knife and tossed into a pot of boiling water. The whole process can be observed through a glass wall in the shop and takes just a couple of minutes.... More

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Japan, 〒116-0013 Tokyo, Arakawa City, Nishinippori, 2-chōme−18−2 伊東ビル


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