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Anaya / Pork Noodle Naito (嗟哉(あなや)ポークヌードル内藤) Tokyo


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Jiro Style, Shoyu, Shio, Tsukemen, Curry Ramen

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on 03 Jul 2021

特偽郎油そば / Toku Giro Abura Soba / Pork Noodle Naito - Hatsudai, Tokyo

Jiro-inspired abura soba served with trace amounts of tonkotsu soup, shoyu tare and pork fat. Noodles are house-made in the shop every morning. Toppings include pork belly chashu, bean sprouts, cabbage, more pork fat, tare drizzle and black pepper. Master Kokubun-san first worked part time before eventually buying and taking over the shop completely. He runs all operations including prep and noodle making solo. Open... More

on 28 May 2021

特辛偽郎つけ麺 / Toku Kara Giro Tsukemen / Pork Noodle Naito - Hatsudai, Tokyo

Shoyu-tonkotsu soup with pork back fat. Noodles house-made every morning in the shop. Pork belly chashu, bean sprouts and kimchi. Run as 'Anaya' during lunch and
'Pork Noodle Naito' in the evening, both concepts offer two different menus. Master Kokubun-san was first hired to work part time by the original master, Onozato-san. Eventually taking over the business completely, Kokubun-san now runs both the lunch and... More

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2-chōme-4-3 Honmachi, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-0071, Japan


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+81 03-3375-8117