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on 11 Apr 2021

Tempura Yaguchi 天ぷらやぐち 2nd visit — an underrated restaurant, high quality food and byo friendly. Spring mountain vegetables are great for tempura, favorite was the shirauo, fried one by one instead of in a lump, which gives it amazing texture. •

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on 28 Feb 2021

Tempura Yaguchi 天ぷらやぐち 1st visit — Yaguchi san spent over 20 years training under Saotome san at Mikawa Zezankyo. His tempura is more modern and refined compared to the old master’s traditional and rustic style, although you can relate the two chefs from the signature anago dish. Everything was nicely done especially the shirauo, it was so good that I actually asked for a second serving. •

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6 / 10
on 15 Jul 2020

Brand new tempura place, just opened on July 1st. Chef comes from a Michelin-started restaurant in Roppongi and had famous Chefs as regular customers. They all showed their respects and well wishing with their flower arrangements. A very nice custom in Japan when you open a new place.
The lunch deal is great, a ¥2000 tempura dendon, soup and tea. Delicious, filling and fast.
I need to go back for the Omakase evening menu to see the full skill on display.

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Japan, 〒103-0013 Tōkyō-to, Chuo City, Nihonbashiningyōchō, 2-chōme−9−7 大江戸アクセス2 1F


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+81 3 3527 3701