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Toshio Saito



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9 / 10
on 07 Jan 2023

The master in top form

on 22 Jun 2021

すし匠 齋藤
Part of the ever-growing "Sho" group, Saito-san worked for Nakazawa-san after coming back from a stint in the US. Two types of shari were used and I particularly liker the well balanced akazu shari, paired well with some of the more powerful fish. We were sat right in the middle of the counter, with Saito-san preparing everything. Really comfortable and friendly service from all the staff.
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on 12 Feb 2021

Sushi Sho Saito すし匠斎藤 1st visit — quite modern and innovative in style, otsumami were served in between nigiris in a natural flow. Both red and white vinegar are used for shari depending on the neta, overall good balance. The chef used to live in New York and is very pleasant to talk to. •

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on 03 Jun 2017

Monaka waffle with strawberry ice cream
すし匠 齋藤 Sushi Sho Saito, Tokyo (Dec 2016)

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Japan, 〒107-0052 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Akasaka, 4 Chome−2−2, 赤坂鳳月堂本店ビル 2F


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+81 3-3505-6380