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Average rating from 2 meals 8.5 / 10
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Sven Erik Renaa


Creative, Seafood, New Nordic

Foodle Reviews

on 23 Oct 2023

Experience @re_naa_

- Sea urchin, finger lime, green strawberries -
- Squid, black garlic cream, grilled lemon -
- Scallop, seabuckthorn, pumpkin -
- Kvitsøy dumpling, lobster, vin jaune -
- Monkfish, chicken butter, fava beans -
- Reindeer, bone marrow, celeriac -
- Milk buns & ice cider -
- Koji, fennel, honey truffle -

And a lovely bottle @domainejacquesselosse Substance 🥂

9 / 10
on 03 Aug 2022

Sven Erik Renaa runs three restaurants with completely different concepts in Stavanger. The flagship is Re-naa, his fine dining place. He recently got promoted to 2 stars in the Guide Michelin. Unfortunately during the pandemic he lost most of the brigade and in April this year his head chef Jae Bang who moved to Australia.
However, even though, totally understandably, there are some execution issues with such a young and new team, the level of cooking is extraordinarily high. Some of his main... More

on 01 Jan 2017

Lemon tartlet with raspberry
Renaa, Stavanger (July 2016)

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Nordbøgata 8, 4006 Stavanger, Norway


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+47 51 55 11 11