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on 18 Jun 2024

Le Calandre @alajmo

- Napul’é for Alfonso Mattozi -
- Dashi broth ravioli -
- Suono n’uovo -
- Risotto ‘passi d’Oro’ -
- Scorched bone marrow -
- Almond mozzarella -
- Fragility, chocolate experience -

Creativity by Massimiliano Alajmo 🙏

on 16 Jun 2024

Le Calandre @alajmo

- Spring Al Aimo -
- Bob spoon -
- Crunchy sea foam -
- Soft shell crab sandwich -
- Cuttlefish cappuccino -

Creativity by Massimiliano Alajmo 🙏

on 28 Dec 2023

2023 has been undoubtedly a good year. I finally made it to 🌟🌟🌟 Le Calandre in Padua, a restaurant I’d wanted to visit for years. What makes this place special is not only the precisely executed creativity that characterizes every dish but also the wonderfully serene atmosphere and the warmth of the @alajmo family. Sophistication without the stuffiness, showmanship that never feels over the top.

Signatures did not disappoint: the sunny saffron risotto with a gentle and earthy... More

on 07 Nov 2021

2016 Giuseppe Mascarello e Figlio Monprivato

Sedutor e etéreo. Vinho magnífico e grande ano.


on 28 Oct 2021

#Norditalia 2021 - A #enogastronomic journey through the north of Italy


LE CALANDRE - ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Max Alajmo foi o mais jovem Chef a atingir as 3 estrelas Michelin, em 2002, com 28 anos (a crença popular costuma atribuir o “título” a um chefe rock&roll Inglês, claramente fakenews...).

São quase 20 anos sempre no topo. Uma cozinha tão local, quanto fervorosamente criativa. Sempre em busca da máxima expressão do ingrediente,... More

9 / 10
Top list
on 09 Aug 2019
10 / 10
on 10 Nov 2018

Once again mind blowing ⭐️⭐️⭐️ performance with exceptional local produce of the moment presented with excellent flavors, should be on top of everybody’s radar!

10 / 10
on 22 Sep 2018

Fingerlickingly deliciousness at this under the radar 3 star and good as easily be the best fine dining date in Italy these days...wauw just mind blowing!!

10 / 10
on 26 Feb 2016

Some might say travelling north for 3 hours on a train from Rome to Padua (20 minutes outside Venice) just for a meal is excessive but it is very easily dealt with when accompanied by fine company, fizz and films on a laptop. Moreover, when the food is as good as it was on this occasion it is the very least of my concerns. Le Calandre is run by the charming Massimiliano Alajmo who is now the youngest chef to ever gain 3 Michelin stars. His family owned restaurant has an unusual design, located... More

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Via Liguria, 1, 35030 Rubano PD, Italy


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+39 049 630303