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Oranda Ken (オランダ軒) Saitama


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on 13 Jul 2023

しょうゆチャーシューメン / Shoyu Chashumen / Orandaken — Higashi-Iwatsuki, Saitama

Niigata Nagaoka ginger shoyu ramen. The soup contains pork bones and chicken carcasses, balanced with ginger from Kōchi Prefecture. Noodles are sourced from an undisclosed location. Extra pork chashu, double ajitama, menma, naruto, nori, greens. White rice on the side.

Master Yasushi Yamamoto is self taught, prior to becoming a ramen chef he worked at a hamburger shop. He opened Orandatei in Kasukabe,... More

on 18 Mar 2023

Oranda-ken | 📍Iwatsuki, Saitama

・しょうゆラーメン Shoyu Ramen (¥1050)
・味玉ダブル Double Ajitama (¥240)

Super popular ramen shop in middle-of-nowhere Saitama. Although they don’t have a parking space, most customers come by car to write down their name beforehand.

I went just after they opened and waited about 80min before getting in.
By far one of the best Ajitama I’ve had in a while.

#オランダ軒 #岩槻市... More

on 10 Jul 2021

Ginger shoyu ramen at Orandatei in Saitama. Most people get at least 2 orders of eggs.

8 / 10
on 21 Sep 2018

Recommended bowl: Shoyu ginger punch

Master Yamamoto-san worked for some time at a hamburger shop before diving into the ramen trade. His soup is pork and chicken-based, with a deep shoyu boldness and punch of ginger. The favors and technique are inspired by Nagaoka shōga shoyu style ramen from Niigata prefecture, as well as Sano style from Tochigi. This shop is now highly regarded and a destination location for many ramen heads. Look for the silver box outside indicating whether the shop is open... More

Recommended in Saitama


Japan, 〒339-0005 Saitama, Iwatsuki Ward, Higashiiwatsuki, 6-chōme−5−3


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