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on 04 Dec 2018

Chef Niitome’s plays in his own league when it comes to tempura. (And his raw fish appetiser are of high end sushi quality).
His place in Nagoya became rapidly a pilgrimage for people all over Japan and the world for his marathon tempura session. Be prepared to start at 18:00 but not leave after well beyond 22:00. But this is not because of a super slow pace or an abundance of food, no the tempo is well paced and even though you have about 20+ course of deep fried food you feel stuffed to the hilt.
His batter which he prepares every few course afresh is made our of 1 egg with special local water and his own flower combination which he keep in the freezer. Whatever this freezing does to the batter, the result is just stunning. Light, but airy, tasty but not dominating to the ingredient he is frying. One can taste the oil but it does not become overpowering or during the course of this long meal a common thread so you think everything tastes the same.
From time to time, one encounters a place or person, where something which is quite normal simply gets elevated to something very special. Niitome in Nagoya is such a place.

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Japan, 〒461-0001 Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Higashi-ku, Izumi, 2 Chome−19−11 市東 区 番号 キャスト ビル 泉 2F


+81 52-936-2077