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Average rating from 2 meals 8.5 / 10
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James Knappett


Modern Cuisine

Foodle Reviews

8 / 10
on 03 Nov 2018

The Kitchen Table in Soho's Charlotte Street is almost a copy of the old Brooklyn Fare. Counter Seating in super tight conditions, 20 courses of small dishes with a super focus on the main ingredient, which gets gently treated and enhanced by just a few other tastes.
No use of machines and sous vide, just heat and coldness, nothing else.
A wonderful place to eat.

9 / 10
on 23 Dec 2015

My second visit to Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs proving that it is superb option for theatre, a unique setting and with numerous dishes where he head chef (James Knappett) has chosen ingredients that are utterly fresh, clean and simply go very well together.  I love the fact that all dishes are not overly complicated but pwerful at the same time and I was glad to see some of the favourites staying as signature dishes (chicken skin amuse bouche and potato crisp with salmon).  I thought the oysters... More

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70 Charlotte St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 4QQ, UK


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