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Niboshisoba Ai Kyoto


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on 06 Jun 2023

煮干そば / Niboshi Soba / Niboshi Soba Ai — Jingu-Marutamachi, Kyoto

Niboshi soup contains katakuchi iwashi and kombu, sourced from two areas of Hokkaido. Shoyu tare uses Mikawa shiro tamari, Mikawa mirin, dark soy sauce and fish sauce. Each bowl also contains niboshi-flavored chicken oil. The noodles are made with whole wheat by the Kyoto based purveyor Menya Teigaku. Topped with chicken and pork chashu, sliced onion and togarashi. No MSG.

Shop founder Tanida-san was born in Tokyo and... More

on 29 Nov 2021

Light niboshi in Kyoto at Niboshi Soba Ai. Funky interior design inspired by Central American indigenous art.

#niboshi #kyoto #ShogoIwakiri

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29-1 Yoshidashimoadachichō, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-8304, Japan


Permanently Closed


+81 70-4806-3981