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Tempura Mizuki (天麩羅 水暉) Kyoto


Average rating from 2 meals 7.5 / 10
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Foodle Reviews

6 / 10
on 20 Nov 2018

The clever concept of Pierres Hermé is to create exclusives macron for each of his destinations.

9 / 10
on 02 Feb 2018

Chef Tangigawa-san from 3 star Kichisen just started his residency in the Ritz Carlton 2 days ago. He had the last serving in his restaurant on January 31st for the dinner serving, then the next day not only move all his table ware but also a big stove to the Ritz because the stove at the Ritz was not good enough for him.
He started the residence on February 1st in the evening. He went there on his third official serving and it was already flawless.
It really takes guts and dogged determination... More

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鴨川 二条 大橋 畔, 鉾田町 中京区 京都市 京都府 604-0902, Japan


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+81 75-746-5522