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Clemens Rambichler


French - German

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on 10 Dec 2020

Throwback to a splendid dinner at ⭐⭐⭐ @waldhotel_sonnora earlier this year. @clemensrambichler beautifully balances classic French cuisine with a few modern touches here and there without any compromises. This "layer cake" made of pommes rösti, beef tartar, caviar and creme fraiche was equally spectacular and satisfying and of course it made my top 20 list, which you can find via the link in my bio
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on 24 Mar 2020

@waldhotel_sonnora, the oldest three Michelin-starred restaurant in Germany, is now temporarily closed, but hopefully people will soon be able to visit this culinary institution again.
In the picture, underneath the mountain of Perigord truffle, you see perfectly cooked veal sweetbreads served with celeriac, parsley jus and sautéed spring onions. Another splendid dish by @clemensrambichler
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8 / 10
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on 26 Apr 2018

Clemens Rambichl

Technically a new 3-star restaurant as unfortunately in 2017 the famous Chef Helmut Thieltges died suddenly and Chef Rambichl took over.
Now he is at 29 years the youngest 3-star Chef in Germany and certainly one of the youngest in the world.
His cuisine is a direct continuation of the classical style of Mr. Thieltges with some small changes. This is because he totally supports the style of his mentor and not because he wanted to copy it. However in the future there will be... More


Auf'm Eichelfeld 1, 54518 Dreis, Germany


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+49 6578 406