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Clemens Rambichler


Classic French, French - German

Foodle Reviews

on 11 May 2024

3 star perfection @waldhotel_sonnora

- Frog legs, lovage, mushrooms, poulard jus -
- Turbot, white asparagus, morels, beurre noisette -
- Crispy duck, hollandaise, ginger, ume vinegar -
- Mango, coconut, caramel, rum, passion fruit -
- Strawberry, herbs ice cream, yuzu sabayon -

Foodtastic experience by @clemensrambichler

on 05 Sep 2023

Menu & Classics @waldhotel_sonnora part II

- Langoustine, lemon butter, mango, ginger -
- Langoustine, tomato, sauce vierge, olives -
- Lobster, stew, beans, endive, leek oil, pear -
- Turbot, mussels, sepia, orange, fennel, vermouth -

Unforgettable 3 star experience full of flavour bombs by @clemensrambichler

on 01 Sep 2023

Menu & Classics @waldhotel_sonnora part I

- Oyster, caviar, cucumber, chardonnay vinaigrette -
- Oxtail essence, sour cream, caviar -
- Foie gras, smoked eel, truffle, lettuce, hazelnut -
- Beef tartare, caviar, potato rösti -

Unforgettable 3 star experience full of flavour bombs by @clemensrambichler

on 21 Aug 2023

A German reference in the international game.
Great classic with uncompromising product quality.
Dishes that go straight to the heart in an environment where the guest can still be a guest.
Absolutely world class!

Waldhotel Sonnora - ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Dreis, Germany
#miguelontour #mcculinarylife #youdinner #youdie #michelinrestaurant #maitre #mystorywithmichelin #food #foodie... More

10 / 10
on 03 May 2022


10 / 10
on 31 Jul 2021

The Waldhotel Sonnora in Wittlich-Dreis in the Eifel area has been a luxury family-run hotel since 1978. The *** Restaurant is the very heart of the property and an island of excellent cooking with the best ingredients ever. After the sudden death of Helmut Thieltges a few years ago, Clemens Rambichler, long time sous-chef (here since 2011) took over and the restaurant is brilliant as ever. We are here in one of the best restaurants of the world, where style, service, ambiance and food is hard to... More

8 / 10
Top list
on 26 Apr 2018

Clemens Rambichl

Technically a new 3-star restaurant as unfortunately in 2017 the famous Chef Helmut Thieltges died suddenly and Chef Rambichl took over.
Now he is at 29 years the youngest 3-star Chef in Germany and certainly one of the youngest in the world.
His cuisine is a direct continuation of the classical style of Mr. Thieltges with some small changes. This is because he totally supports the style of his mentor and not because he wanted to copy it. However in the future there will be... More


1 Auf dem Eichelfeld, 54518 Dreis, Germany


+49 6578 98220