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Magnus Pettersson


Smørrebrød, Seasonal Cuisine

Foodle Reviews

on 16 Apr 2023

A very casual 8-course Scandinavian tasting menu. Worth a visit 😃🇩🇰

1) Blackcurrant herring – Creme fraiche, red pearl onion, buckwheat

2) Smoked mackerel – Trout roe, lovage, lemon

3) Grilled celeriac – Cep, pistachio, ome kosho

4) Danish squid – Carrot, sunflower, cacao

5) Cod – Ramson, green gooseberry, sourdough

6) Danish cheese – Lemon-thyme honey, ryebread

7) Lingonberry – White chocolate, pain d'epice

8) Milk ice cream – Celeriac, mandarine, koji

9) Chocolate... More

on 05 Aug 2020

Desserts were simple but well made. Pic 1 was PEAR SORBET Salted caramel, white chocolate, yuzu. Absolutely delicious especially the salted caramel. Pic 2 was GRÅSTEN APPLE
Vanilla creme, thyme shortbread, black pepper ice cream. Shortbread and black pepper ice cream was so nice!
I really enjoyed the food here which was casual food at elevated level. This kind of places are always a nice break from more serious and formal restaurants. Food that you eat for the pure enjoyment.

#littlemeg_denmark... More

8 / 10
on 30 Jun 2020

Selma is good
Danish Smørebrød (smorgasbord) is a cultural institution, which for a long time was not changed. And for good reason, it was a good thing in itself (See my visits to the classical Schønnemann). But when Adam Aamann opened his Aamanns Deli, the whole scene changed, a new direction on smorgasbord was laid. Aamanns is amazing, Selma is better. Selma is headed by Swedish chef Magnus Pettersson and opened in 2018 – a collaboration with the ever present beer empire Mikkeller. Mikkeller... More

on 04 Oct 2019

Yesterday I revisited @selmacopenhagen for the first time in more than a year, just to conclude that everything is still wonderful. This piece of smørrebrød consisted of braised veal beast, dehydrated carrot cooked in carrot juice, leek and mustard seeds as well as pickled onion - a perfectly balanced dish.
Selma is a most for anyone living in or visiting Copenhagen
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on 25 Apr 2018

Extremely well-composed lumpfish roe serving @selmacopenhagen - sourdough bread fried in butter topped with generous amounts of lumpfish roe, hardly grilled onions, sour cream and brussels sprouts .
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Rømersgade 20, 1103 København K, Denmark


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+45 9 3107203