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Average rating from 2 meals 6.5 / 10
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Innovative Cuisine, Modern Catalan


Toni Romero

Foodle Reviews

on 19 May 2023

Sea urchin & caviar
With just a day and a half in Barcelona before moving the tour to Copenhagen, I had to pick my absolute favourites to visit, and @suculent_restaurant is now well and truly on that list. @tonetromero is one of my favourite chefs at the moment.
And having dined at Jikasei the night before it was great that Tiago aka @shokunin_sushi_ was able to join us. Highly recommended when in Barcelona.
Michelin Guide -
OAD - 144 (2022)
W50B -
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on 14 Jun 2021

Chocolate dessert & stuffed strawberries
Lunch at @suculent_restaurant in Barcelona. David Egui sums the place up much better than I can here and I hope he doesn’t mind me nicking a small chunk of his excellent article on the restaurant.
Even though I was feeling a little under the weather the day I ate there, I could still recognise some of the brilliance in @tonetromero ‘s cooking. Thanks to some guy called Kristian for introducing me to this hidden gem 🙏🏻
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Rambla del Raval, 45, Ciutat Vella, 08001 Barcelona, Spain


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+34 934 43 65 79