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on 19 Mar 2024

[한/日/EN] 2023.12 #石かわ (Kagurazaka Ishikawa/ 카구라자카 이시카와)

Ishikawa Group: @i1company

"Kagurazaka Ishikawa", popular, triple Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant in Kagurazaka
호평받는, 미슐랭 3스타 일본요리전문점 “카구라자카 이시카와” - 카구라자카 위치

予約:OMAKASE... More

on 19 Nov 2023

2023.09 #石かわ (Kagurazaka Ishikawa/ 카구라자카 이시카와)


Popular Triple Michelin-starred (As of 2023) Japanese restaurant that's well known in Tokyo, "Kagurazaka Ishikawa".
도쿄에서 호평받는, 미슐랭 3스타 일본요리전문점 “카구라자카 이시카와”

料理人石川氏が笑顔でお客さんにおまかせコースを提供中。料理だけではなく、おもてなしもお客さんから高評価を得ている。最近では赤ナマコ、ふぐの白子の塩焼き、〆には季節が伝わってくる牛しゃぶご飯などが味わえ「コースのスタートから終わりまで美味しいと言い切れる」との評判。... More

on 05 Sep 2023

#石かわ (Kagurazaka Ishikawa/ 카구라자카 이시카와)


"Kagurazaka Ishikawa", a popular Triple Michelin-starred (As of 2023) Japanese restaurant that's well known in Tokyo
도쿄에서 호평받는, 미슐랭 3스타 일본요리전문점 “카구라자카 이시카와”


★... More

9 / 10
on 15 Oct 2022

Always a delight to be back at Ishikawa.

on 02 Sep 2022

Kagurazaka Ishikawa, late August

@teamishikawa doing great work, as always.

9 / 10
on 27 Apr 2022

Spring menu at Ishikawa. As always, great ingredients masterfully cooked to perfection. The vegetable course with the mountain vegetables and the squid, the sakura masu with takenoko and the soba were the highlights of this meal.

8 / 10
on 25 Nov 2021

Back to my neighborhood fine dining kaiseki restaurant. Ishikawa-san is such a humorous person that he makes every meal very fun. Some outstanding dishes, like sawara in shimesaba style. Wonderful seasoning and texture. Amadai, grilled and kabu from Kyoto, executed to perfection with a slight hint of smoke.
The rice course had a special condiments with it, something which is a very early signature dish from Ishikawa-san, seasoned and roasted tai denbu with sesame, crispy rice and nori. You frist... More

9 / 10
on 26 Aug 2021

The master. Interesting flavors combined with flawless execution always produces great result.
Since my last visit a two months ago, only one dish was the same. That also make a place fantastic to revisit.

on 08 May 2021

Masterful. Also, the first time I learned it was okay to order an encore of a course I enjoyed. (Seats next to us had 3). A spot at the counter in front of @teamishikawa is always a special occasion, no matter how many times I go.

on 24 Jan 2020

Truly one of the world’s greatest restaurants. Of my five visits - this was perhaps the most memorable — which is saying something. It’s a pleasure to see that even at the top of the craft, Ishikawa-san is still pushing to do better.

on 17 Jan 2019

Absolutely perfect kaiseki dinner from @kagurazaka.ishikawa, as usual.

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Japan, 〒162-0825 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Kagurazaka, 5-chōme−37 高村ビル 1f


Open hours


+81 3-5225-0173