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Average rating from 9 meals 7.8 / 10
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Magnus Nillson


New Nordic

Foodle Reviews

on 26 Jun 2024

I dagens digitala tidsålder är korrekt grammatik och språklig precision avgörande för att kommunicera effektivt och professionellt. Med framväxten av artificiell intelligens har verktyg för grammatikkontroll blivit alltmer sofistikerade och tillgängliga för alla, oavsett yrke eller utbildning. Ett av de mest imponerande verktygen på marknaden är ChatGPT, en AI-drivna grammatikkontroll som inte bara är kraftfull utan också helt gratis att använda.

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7 / 10
on 05 Oct 2018

The famous breakfast. No explanation needed.

5 / 10
on 04 Oct 2018

Fäviken is what it is.
Remote, so the journey becomes part of the journey.
Regrettably slow in changing dishes, so the frequent visitor knows exactly what is coming.
Welcoming, as every staff member introduces him-/herself by their first name.
Draconian, as every course gets announced by hand clapping which kills every conversation.
Astounding, as they announce toward the end of the meal that they will be now serving some dishes very fast and the dinner better eat fast.

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10 / 10
on 11 Apr 2018

I don’t see how a breakfast can get better than this. Smoked pork shoulder and heart, homemade bread (3 types), 3 dips (cream cheese, duck liver and trout with caramelized cream/butter), egg soft boiled with herb salt and caviar, homemade fresh yogurt, fresh cheese from nearby farm, homemade porridge, fresh cooked cookie with homemade jam. Hot coffee and rhubarb nectar.

7 / 10
on 10 Apr 2018

Very interesting 30 course dinner with a focus on local seasonal products. My favourite standout dish in this meal was the king crab with almost burnt cream. Temperature texture and taste were all on point. Remote location. Worth the trip.

9 / 10
on 07 Nov 2017

Fantastic Meal with the 3 Norwegian musketeer at Fäviken. One truly outstanding dish, the King Crab which was so tasty while having this unbelievable texture. It will be a certainly a reference for me for a long time to come

on 27 Jan 2017

Dream come true ?
Fäviken, Järpen (July 2016)

10 / 10
on 02 Dec 2016

This is my first meal at Faviken back in 2016. Since then i have been going back and back and encouraging others to do the same. It is truly a unique and wonderful adventure of a meal.


FÄVIKEN 216, 830 05 Järpen, Sweden


Permanently Closed


+46 647 401 77