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Average rating from 10 meals 9.8 / 10
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Shuji Niitome



Foodle Reviews

10 / 10
on 20 Mar 2023

Probably the last meal at this location.

The Master of low temperate deep frying. Masterfully executed pieces of amazing quality. He is pushing to come up with new creations.
This meals high light was the hamaguri tempura.

10 / 10
on 02 Nov 2021

Visit #15
The master always delivers. His otsumami are of such a high quality that they would be well placed in any high end sushi or even Kaiseki restaurant.
Once he gets started with the tempura, one needs to sit back and watch. Enjoy the lightness of the batter, the quality of the ingredients, whatever they might be, seafood, fish or vegetables and most of all the flawless execution which only relies on the sound of the oil to determine the temperature.

on 28 Jul 2021

Tempura Niitome 天風良にい留 1st visit — one of the top rated tempura restaurants in Japan located in Nagoya, almost 2 hours trip one way just for this meal. Overall it lived up to my expectation. Chef was funny and enjoyed interaction with guests. The way he prepares the food was quite “free style”, borderline sloppy, but the resulting dishes were turned out to be perfect. Batter on each piece looked thick but it thins out in the fryer, the texture of every bite was refined and balanced.... More

9 / 10
on 01 Nov 2020

Another great meal at the tempura master. His constantly evolving range of ingredients paired with his frying mastery makes every meal an adventurous journey.

on 25 Oct 2020

Textbook-perfect tempura from a true master. So glad I was finally able to try Tempura Niitome. The Kisu and Anago were perhaps the best I’d ever had. Also of note, this PYCM was the perfect match with the menu.

9 / 10
on 26 Jun 2020

The Master, no further words needed

10 / 10
on 08 Apr 2020

Second meal in as many weeks at the Master of Tempura. Slightly changed dishes, same mastery.
One needs to go there to understand what I mean.

10 / 10
on 26 Mar 2020

Back at the Master Tempura Chef. Fifth meal there and Shuji Niitome never fails to surprise. This time, of course with his bamboo, his shirao and 姫子鯛 ヒメコダイ, a rare fish from Kanazawa which is considered a by-catch but actually tastes fantastic. Finally, the sweet potatoe a complete triumph! What a meal!

10 / 10
on 28 Nov 2019

Tempura Niitome is as of the time of writing this the number 1 restaurant in Japan on Tabelog with an impressive rating of 4.80 (this a very dynamic list so it might not last long). I doubt that a tempura restaurant ever reached that position since the inception of Tabelog.
And there is a good reason for this. For starters Chef Niitome’s otsumani is fantastic. His kue sashimi can stand up to any high end Kaiseki restaurant. The ankimo (monk fish liver) melts in your mouth and leaves a faint trace... More

10 / 10
on 02 Apr 2019

This was an outstanding meal, one of the most memorable ones in 2019 and definitely one of the best meals in Japan. Shuji Niitome is the uncrowned king of tempura.

10 / 10
on 01 Apr 2019

Niitome the Master

10 / 10
on 04 Dec 2018

Chef Niitome’s plays in his own league when it comes to tempura. (And his raw fish appetiser are of high end sushi quality).
His place in Nagoya became rapidly a pilgrimage for people all over Japan and the world for his marathon tempura session. Be prepared to start at 18:00 but not leave after well beyond 22:00. But this is not because of a super slow pace or an abundance of food, no the tempo is well paced and even though you have about 20+ course of deep fried food you feel stuffed to the... More

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Japan, 〒461-0001 Aichi, Nagoya, Higashi Ward, Izumi, 2-chōme−19−11 キャストビル泉 2F


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+81 52-936-2077