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Der Dantler Munich


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Jochen Kreppel


seasonal regional cuisine Cuisine, Bavarian, Farm-to-Table

Foodle Reviews

on 24 Jan 2024

My dining companion Steve Plotniki sums this restaurant up very well:
“An enjoyable meal at @der_dantler in Munich. German neo-bistro might be the best way to describe it. The cuisine emphasises vegetables prepared in a modern style. It’s a place that flies under the radar as when people travel to Munich, they only have time for the multi-starred restaurants. But if you are looking for a more casual version of fine dining when in Munich, this is a good choice. Good for fans of natural... More

5 / 10
on 01 Jun 2018

Business lunch for €20. Great value for money with classsics like Giesing Ramen.

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Werinherstraße 15, 81541 München, Germany


Open hours


+49 89 3929 2689