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Kihachi (喜八) Toyama


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Toyama Black

Foodle Reviews

7 / 10
on 26 Mar 2020

Recommended bowl: OG Toyama black roots

The master here originally worked at the first Toyama black ramen shop, Nishichō Taiki, before it closed down in 2000. At that time it was purchased by a larger company, but the master here decided to open his own shop, Kihachi, which is now one of the highest ranked ramen shops serving the Toyama black style. Only open for lunch, the soup is chicken based, with simple toppings of pork chashu, menma and negi. The tare making process goes like this: first... More

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Japan, 〒930-0852 Toyama, 奥田寿町Okudakotobukichō, 6−6, 奥田ビル3号館 1 階


Permanently Closed


+81 76-443-1888