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on 16 Dec 2023

This culinary oasis full of creativity and unmistakable enjoyment rests in one of the most beautiful regions of our country.
A family business that touches you so emotionally that you forget for a moment how fast-paced, stressful and sometimes cold the world outside can be.
The Piesport's deceleration.
What the Schanz family has built up here over the last few years and decades commands the greatest possible respect from me. A recharger for your soul!
Always a great, deeply moving pleasure!

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on 11 Sep 2023

Delice from blackcurrant with elderflower

on 11 Sep 2023

Rondell of the mara des bois strawberry with rocket sorbet and soup

on 11 Sep 2023

Venison cooked in nasturtium cress with chanterelles, pickled radish and meadowsweet jus

on 11 Sep 2023

Turbot with pistachio praline, green apple and flora hay infusion

on 11 Sep 2023

Coupole of chicory with mackerel tartare and passion fruit seaweed soup

on 11 Sep 2023

Foie gras with sheep’s cheese, caramelised beechnuts and pepper ice cream

on 10 Sep 2023

Red mullet with caviar, banana and Riesling decoction

on 10 Sep 2023

Mini shrimp with Laredo di colonnate and melon, pomme souffle mit pickled wagyu and smoked trout, seppioline with potato cream and black pudding

on 18 Aug 2023

New dishes @schanz.restaurant.hotel part II

- Hake, spinach, mint, papaya, roasted rice -
- Venison, nasturtium, radish, chanterelles, potato -
- Strawberry, arugula, wasabi -
- Delice, black currant, elderflower -

Again a foodtastic experience by Thomas Schanz ✨

on 17 Aug 2023

New dishes @schanz.restaurant.hotel part I

- Pomme soufflé, wagyu, caviar -
- Truffled egg -
- Gazpacho, olives, beef tartare -
- Foie gras, spaghetti ice, balsamic vinaigrette -
- Crab delice, oxheart tomato, raspberry, caviar -
- Turbot, pistachio, green apple, hay infusion -

Again a foodtastic experience by Thomas Schanz ✨

on 02 Mar 2023

Greetings from the kitchen @schanz.restaurant.hotel part II

- Turbot, truffle, beef marrow -
- Carabineiro, pork belly, capers, grapefruit -
- Veal fillet, truffle, sweetbread, carrots -
- Pineapple, basil, goat milk -


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on 01 Mar 2023

Greetings from the kitchen @schanz.restaurant.hotel

- Black pudding, sauerkraut, seppioline -
- Pickled tuna belly, smoked trout -
- Crostini of shrimp with sage -
- The truffle egg -
- Chicory, kahawai, passion fruit, saffron, seaweed -
- Foie gras, sheep cheese, beechnut, pepper -
- Red mullet, banana, caviar -


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Bahnhofstraße 8A, 54498 Piesport, Germany


+49 6507 92520