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Average rating from 2 meals 8.5 / 10
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Thomas Schanz


Modern French, Creative, French - Mediterranean

Foodle Reviews

10 / 10
on 25 Aug 2022

The newly minted 3 star restaurant in Germany. The owner/chef Thomas Schanz gained experience in some of the best classic restaurants in Germany, Traube Tonbach, Gästehaus Erfort and Sonnora, amongst others. His cuisine could be called modernized classic, the ingredients, all very well selected, are classic but the execution adds somewhat a modern twist. Sometimes by adding spices or acidity through fruits but most of all with some excellent sauces, some of the best I have eaten for a while. The... More

7 / 10
on 29 Apr 2022

The newest member of the *** restaurants of Germany is popular destination of foodies for a while. Thomas Schanz was trained in the best restaurants of Germany, 6 years only as a sous-chef in Waldhotel Sonnora. Service had unfortunately several issues, the meal took way too long. My humble opinion is, that Restaurant Schanz was and not yet is for the third star. Nor the kitchen neither the service.

Recommended in Piesport


Bahnhofstraße 8A, 54498 Piesport, Germany


+49 6507 92520