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International, Modern Spanish


Juanjo López

Foodle Reviews

on 25 Jul 2021

What an amazing focus on great seafood products again by Juanjo Lopez of La Tasquita de Enfrente in Madrid. Showcasing carefully chosen unique ingredients like a fresh water razor clams, quiquillas, wonderful squid, fresh anchovies deep fried eaten like churros (dipped into egg yolk) and many more… Simply prepared with great sauces.
A must go in Madrid!
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on 01 Jun 2021

Absolutely memorable meal at Tasquita de Enfrente, all focus on the products, no noise, no filter, just fantastic food! A must go!
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on 29 Nov 2020


Juanjo e Nacho são geniais guardiões da memória e do sabor. Que difícil é cozinhar assim. Com tempo, inteligência e o melhor produto. Que felicidade é poder comer na sua casa. Um santuário. Obrigado.

7 / 10
on 09 Jan 2020

Wonderful lunch at la Tasquita. They have a tasting menu but you might as well order starters a la carte and share it with your fellow dinners.
Some very interesting and very typical Spanish dishes are on offer, all of them well sourced and executed.
I loved on of the most common dishes, the albondigas - meat balls - from filet, only seared on the outside and raw in the inside, awesome. The calamar comes wrapped in aluminium foil, is cut in half and cooked in its own juices.
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8 / 10
on 09 Jan 2020

I revisit La Tasquita de Enfrente in Madrid a few weeks ago. I’m glad to say that it is still the small local place that serves food using ‘100% Spanish produce to create a menu that not only looks forward to the future but has great respect for the traditions of the past’.
Still not quite sure about the meat balls, but the rest is excellent. Definitely worth making the effort while in Madrid.

on 20 Aug 2019

My next stop in Madrid was to this lovely local restaurant La Tasquita de Enfrente. Using 100% local Spanish produce, the chefs produce traditional dishes with modern flourishes and have been doing so for nearly 50 years. Highly recommended for a cosy casual dinner

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7 / 10
on 23 May 2019

After visiting DiverXO in Madrid in May there was enough time for just one more meal. Not knowing the city very well I am glad to have friends like Carmen Yudice and François Leon to point me in the right direction, or in this case insist on taking me to this little treasure in the city. La Tasquita de Enfrente is a small local family restaurant that has been in business now for nearly 50 years. Priding themselves on using only “100%” Spanish seasonal produce to create a menu that not only looks... More

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Calle de la Ballesta, 6, 28004 Madrid, Spain


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+34 (91) 532 54 49