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on 14 Apr 2024

Finally made it to Ninshirou, one of the hardest to book Chinese restaurants in Japan, and it did not disappoint! It was quite a substantial meal, drawing elements from different cuisines across China with extra focus on Cantonese. Got the usual suspects such as fukahire but with twists and the chef’s original interpretation. The grilled baby pigeon was crispy outside and juicy inside; the wild boar was boldly flavored and well executed. Finally the fried rice was probably the best I’ve had in... More

7 / 10
on 06 Nov 2021

Chef Makoto Ueoka (料理人 上岡 誠) started us out with the Shanghai crab. Succulent, flavorful with the underlying Juniper seasoning lurking through. It is arguably the stand out dish of the evening and what a start it was. Ueoka san interprets classic dishes in a different way, like the Peking duck which is not shredded with loads of skin and the fat just underneath it but perfectly cooked pieces of breast. A completely different take which makes the dish much more lean, but maybe less flavorful.
A... More

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Japan, 〒603-8433 Kyoto, Kita Ward, Shichiku Kitakurisuchō, 2−12


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+81 75-366-8843