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on 04 Jul 2018

a long and excruciating dinner with open flames and no air conditioning when outside temperature is 30C. 20 courses, most of which were fine, but too few bites of magic and satisfaction.

Full account of dinner is here: http://www.diarygrowingboy.com/2018/07/europe-2018-day-5-hellfires-of-ghent.html

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on 16 Oct 2017

Chambre Séparée is the new place of Chef/Owner Kobe Desramaults in Gent. It will be certainly one of the longest pop-up in culinary history and it is safe to say it is arguably already one of the best. The building the team from In de Wulf moved into, will be torn down in three years and the team then will dissolve itself.
So still time to go, but don't let it go for too long.
The space they created is a counter seating restaurant with 20 seats of which half gets filled twice during service. The seating surrounds the open kitchen dominated by a large wood burning stove, not unlikely to ones you see in pizzerias and of course the Master himself.
Chef Desramaults literally cooks himself almost every savory dish on one of the several open fire pits or in the wood stove. He cooks continuously for several hours without stopping for one second and operates as if in the zone.
The dishes are without exception very good, with excellent products to start with, executed amazingly precise on open fire and combined with flavours which make the whole dish a excellent composition.
I want to emphasize one dish, the first savoury dessert, Quince, fennel pollen. This dish was simply perfect, the taste, texture and flavour was as good as it gets. What an idea brought to life!
It would be perfectly sufficient to sit there and enjoy watching Chef Desramaults execute his metier. The excellent food is an additional goodie.
Go there!

Recommended in Ghent


Keizer Karelstraat 1, 9000 Gent, Belgium


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