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PMY Copenhagen


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on 10 Sep 2018

The pop-up by @restaurant_taller during @copenhagencooking made me realise how much I've missed the playful and super delicious cuisine of @karlosponte & co. This perfectly cooked, juicy piece of lamb served with yuca and an interpretation of the classic guasacaca salsa with all its pungent and herbal flavours is one of the reasons why. I wish that these guys will find a new home for their restaurant soon .
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on 07 Sep 2018

Sofrito a la @restaurant_taller - deconstructed and classic served together in heavenly bites full of complex flavours of slow-cooked onions, bell peppers and herbs with an extra kick from the following fermentation .
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Tordenskjoldsgade 11, 1055 København, Denmark


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+45 50 81 00 02