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Jakob de Neergaard


Modern Cuisine, French Contemporary

Foodle Reviews

on 15 Sep 2023

Suuuper strong #snacks progression at @marchal.dk 🌟 at the @dangleterrecph hotel in Copenhagen 🇩🇰 ~ thank you @jakobdeneergaard @evjordnaer @tina_kragh for such amazing lunch 🙌 @foiefighter

on 08 Jul 2022

Perfectly cooked lemon sole served with sautéed baby leeks, a generous grind of black pepper and the most creamy beurre blanc with caviar @marchal.dk

on 25 Nov 2021

Beautiful apple tart with vanilla ice cream @marchal.dk - fresh, creamy and intense 😋

on 10 Jan 2021

Vanilla ice cream with honey truffles & hazelnuts
For me, a culinary tour of Copenhagen isn’t complete without a visit to @marchal.dk at the hotel @dangleterrecph
I ended up sitting outside in the sunshine enjoying a nice selection of @andreasbagh ‘s amazingly tasty snacks to start my lunch. Of course a visit to Marchal isn’t complete without a plate of truffle gougéres 🤤
On a side note I was sorry to hear that chef Andreas will soon be moving on... More

on 11 Feb 2020

As always, @andreasbagh delivers unendless amounts of deliciousness, and this dish was no exception. Tortellini with mushroom filling and plenty of black winter truffle 😍
#foodie #foodies #foodporn #instafood #food #hungry #foodart #theartofplating #eattheworld #lefooding #gastronogram #dailyfoodfeed #luxury #truffle #tartufo... More

on 10 Dec 2019

Yesterday, I posted a video of the turbot cooked in a turbotiere by @andreasbagh @marchal.dk - this was the final result: the filet and all the fantastic "secret" parts like the cheeks, fins etc. were served with slices of Jerusalem artichoke, chestnut bleak roe and the most divine sauce based on the cooking liquids from the pan as well as plenty of butter and a wonderfully fragrant vanilla, which took the dish to the next level. I was really emitionally moved by this dish.... More

on 14 Nov 2019

Amazing apple tart with a delicate hint of cardamom and loads of brown butter. The ice cream was even better. It was so full of vanilla that it actually had an almost crunchy texture to it. Bravo, @andreasbagh and @marchal.dk
#foodie #foodies #foodporn #instafood #food #hungry #foodart #theartofplating #eattheworld #lefooding #gastronogram #dailyfoodfeed... More

on 28 Oct 2019

Top tip when trying to decide which desserts to order at Marchal in Copenhagen.... just do what we did and order them all........ plus the cheese 😬

@marchal.dk is a restaurant that is undeservingly a little under the foodie radar in my opinion. In the star studded world of the Copenhagen food scene for me it is a hidden gem and well worth visiting, if only for the truffle gougeres (we ordered another round before dessert). But as you’ll see, the whole turbot and duck a la presse... More

on 02 Jul 2019

Lobster, tomato, basil and pigment d'Espelette by @andreasbagh @marchal.dk - an exceptional signature dish where the seared lobster and the sweet tomato really play well together.

on 23 Oct 2018

Excellent dessert in two parts. Cherry mousse cake with caramel and chocolate and a creamy, soft cherry ice cream on the side. @andreasbagh is rocking the a la carte @marchal.dk right now! .
#foodie #foodies #foodporn #instafood #food #hungry #foodart #theartofplating #eattheworld #lefooding #gastronogram #dailyfoodfeed #luxury #copenhagen... More

8 / 10
on 19 Feb 2017

One of the most underrated restaurants in Copenhagen is Marchal, this truly opulent Michelin-starred restaurant in Hotel d'Angleterre. The restaurant is best know for its breakfast and Sunday brunch. However Andreas Bagh, a young and talented chef is delivering world class dishes.

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Kongens Nytorv 34, 1050 København, Denmark


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+45 (0) 3312 0094