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Marco Cappelletti


Italian Contemporary, Modern Cuisine

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on 30 Dec 2020

Ice cream & truffle
Another spot to check out in Copenhagen is @barabbacph . We stopped by for a quick lunch to try a couple of pasta dishes. Top tip is to pre-order the off menu spaghettoni with caviar and anchovy butter. It’s off the charts delicious. And enjoy the standout friendly service. Definitely a spot where the local chefs go on their days off.
Michelin Guide - Bib Gourmand
OAD - 180
W50Best -
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on 07 Oct 2020

It is incredibly hard to take good pictures @barabbacph - not because the food isn't pretty - it is just extremely dark. Even though these pictures are not great, Barabba deserves to be mentioned. Few places manage to combine a relaxed, easy-going and fun ambience with an excellent, super sharp cuisine. This is Italian cooking on steroids and I really love it. If you're looking for a place to have a fun night with natural wines without having to compromise on the food, Barabba is your... More

on 06 Aug 2020

My final dessert was crunchy savoiardi (ladyfingers) tiramisu (pic 1-3), simple but really delicious as well. @barabbacph is the kind of restaurants that I like to visit the most these days, bringing tradition back but with a touch of originality, creativity and personality. They don’t necessarily give cutting edge techniques but they elevate what like to eat the most - comfort food, to the next level. I will for sure drop by again when I am in CPH next time.
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5 / 10
on 14 Sep 2018

Great casual food and watering hole

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Store Kongensgade 34, 1264 København, Denmark


Open hours


+45 33 10 10 40