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Average rating from 2 meals 6.5 / 10
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Paco Méndez


Mexican, Modern Mexican

Foodle Reviews

6 / 10
on 23 Oct 2019

It seems fitting to post this meal today 🎅🏼
Dinner a few weeks ago at Hoja Santa in Barcelona with Marc Garcia and Alex Ruiz. Having had a couple of really great meals here a couple of years ago, I was looking forward to another visit. Unfortunately this meal didn’t really live up to my expectations despite the excellent company. There seems to have been a change of tack with the format of the menus and the dishes since my last visit which (IMO) is to the restaurant’s detriment. A few... More

7 / 10
on 03 Jun 2017

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Av. de Mistral, 54, 08015 Barcelona, Spain


Open hours


+34 933 48 21 94