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Restaurant Schwarzwaldstube Baiersbronn

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on 24 Nov 2018

Amazing lunch at this ⭐️⭐️⭐️ with razor sharp cooking and stand alone amazing sauces plus friendly wine list

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on 27 Apr 2018

Who has not experienced the inflexibility of most high end restaurants when it comes to their tasting menus. Usually the entire table has to eat it, changes will be at best grudgingly accepted.
Not so here in the Schwarzwaldstube. The technically new 3-Star restaurant (due to the change from legend Harald Wohfahrt to Torsten Michel) surprises with ashtoning flexibility. Our polite request to have a little variation between the menus of the 2 diners was answered by an impromptu complete redesign of one of them!
The essence is, Torsten Michel deserves his 3-Stars. His cuisines is classical, as one would expect, the ingredients top notch and the execution flawless. The combination of flavours is very good.
The only remark one could possibly make would be that some of the dishes could improve by a small simplification to make it even more refined. The main ingredient is usually so good that it does not need a supporting ensemble of tastes and textures.
Stéphane Gass, the head sommelier, Iived up to challenge to bring us wines which are excellent while unknown and most of all good value for money.
Overall a grandiose experience, fine dining at its peak, delivered by a impeccable front office which is choreographed like a ballet.

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Tonbachstraße 237, 72270 Baiersbronn, Germany


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