Lunch at Schwarzwaldstube

Lunch at Schwarzwaldstube

at Restaurant Schwarzwaldstube on 24 November 2018
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Amazing lunch at this ⭐️⭐️⭐️ with razor sharp cooking and stand alone amazing sauces plus friendly wine list

9 / 10

The place

The upgraded setting

The table

The nibbles

The menu

Salmon, eel cream and beetroot

Seafood salat

Oyster, caviar and champagne sauce

Fried foie gras in mushroom broth with apple

Red mullet and own crispy scales in beurre blanc with paprika and own liver

Deer with juniper crust and celery

The wine

The cheese

The selection

The last of us

Cherry sorbet, apple and pine foam

Lemon/coconut sorbet with mango and avocado

The aftermath

The morning after