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Nagao Chūka Soba (長尾中華そば 西バイパス本店) Aomori


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Niboshi Shoyu

Foodle Reviews

8 / 10
on 02 Oct 2019

Recommended bowl: Aomori niboshi

Well known Aomori shop serving the signature local style shoyu ramen with niboshi (dried sardines) soup. Master Nagao-san runs five shops in Aomori, and this is his flagship located not far from the center of the city. There are two types of soup available: the light (assari) or the rich (koku). The light soup is a clear broth made with just niboshi, water and nothing else. The thicker bowl is a cloudy soup made from niboshi with a combination of chicken and pork.... More

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Japan, 〒038-0006 Aomori, Miyoshi, 2-chōme−3−5


Open hours


+81 17-783-2443