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Yoshiro Kiyama



Foodle Reviews

on 29 Apr 2021

Kiyama 2nd visit — this time even better than the last! Love how particular Kiyama san is about his dashi, blending 3 different types of katsuobushi together for a more complex and balanced flavor. The tamago kake gohan topped with anago at the end was both original and delicious. Great wine and sake selection too. •

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on 14 Apr 2021

A few highlights from a phenomenal March menu at Kiyama in Kyoto. Course after course, all excellent cooking. Chef’s lauded dashi is worthy of the praise. The finish was four different rice dishes (not a choice, you get all four), and then, absurdly, miraculously — ramen. Cap it off with a ridiculously good strawberry. Already famous and getting more so each day. Book while you can.

on 26 Dec 2020

Kyoto + Kanazawa + Kaga Onsen Autumn Trip

Kyoto: Kiyama (part 2)

One of the best meals of my trip, though less famous and less expensive than many others. Flavor, texture, aroma, and depth were all balanced. Going back soon.

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Japan, 〒604-0804 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Nakagyō-ku, Kinuyachō, 136 ヴェルドール御所 1F


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+81 75 256 4460