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6 / 10
on 03 May 2024

At No Name Noodle BKK in Bangkok, Thailand, the culinary experience centers around the Kombusui Tsukesoba, a dish that showcases the depth and complexity of traditional Japanese flavors. The key to its distinctive taste is the shoyu tsuke-jiru soup, an expertly prepared broth that combines a rich Japanese dashi infused with elements like kombu (kelp), dried shiitake mushrooms, katsuo (bonito flakes), and iwashi (sardines). This broth is further enhanced by a tare (sauce) that has been aged for an... More

on 22 Apr 2022

スペシャル特製昆布水つけ蕎麦 / Special Tokusei Kombusui Tsukesoba / No Name Noodle BKK - Bangkok, Thailand

Shoyu tsuke-jiru soup uses traditional Japanese dashi infused with kombu, dried shiitake, katsuo and iwashi. The tare is aged for one month and contains four varieties of shoyu sourced from Shimane, Aichi, Nagano and Fukuoka. Noodles are made using a unique recipe, served in a kombusui of Hokkaido kombu and katsuo. Master Shin Inoue-san previously trained at Sanmaro ramen in... More

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2 Soi Attha Kawi 1, Khwaeng Khlong Tan, Khet Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand


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+66 82 059 5417