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on 05 Jun 2022

らーめん正油ワンタン入り / Ramen Shoyu Wonton-iri / Gmen7 - Kamiōoka, Kanagawa

Clear chicken and pork shoyu soup contains no fish, instead utilizing tori-bushi. The tare blends seven different types of shoyu. Noodles are homemade. Toppings include two types of chashu, kaiware, negi, naruto and wontons.

Master Goto-san trained for seven years at the Yokohama ramen shop Menba Hamatora before going independent. Gmen7 was his first store, he now runs several ramen brands and multiple shops... More

on 02 Nov 2021

G麺7 is serious about their homemade noodles. This limited mazesoba had a blend of 10 different misos.

#G麺7 #ラーメン #ramen #mazesoba #まぜそば

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3-chōme-10-6 Kamiōokanishi, Konan Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 233-0002, Japan


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+81 45-517-3918