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Daigo Sugiyama


Japanese Cuisine

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on 23 Apr 2024

Tabelog 4.55🥇⁣
Onjaku is perhaps my favorite place for lunch in Kanto because of its hearty food, ambiance, and experience. When you enter the restaurant, you will be escorted by the staff to the garden for a quick walk before being seated. Then, Chef Sugayama will introduce himself and welcome you with a simple opening speech before he commences his orchestra. ⁣
The food is very different from kanto kaiseki as the flavor is more mellow and hearty. Freshness of the seafood was... More

on 02 Apr 2024

Been coming here for a couple years now and this meal was probably the best so far! Every dish was extremely delicate and balanced, showcasing the highest quality Japanese seafood. The geoduck was especially memorable, lightly grilled, fresh, crunchy and full of flavor. @daigonjaku •
#foodgasm #yum #eat #foodpic #foodpics #foodphotography #foodlover #tasty #hungry #foodblogger... More

on 04 Jan 2024

Tabelog 4.51 🥇⁣
1) Kinmedai [金目鯛] from Shizuoka [靜岡], Urokoyaki [鱗焼き], Mizansho [実山椒] Shoyu⁣
It is the signature dish of Onjaku which is also the only dish that exists throughout the year. It is my 4th time trying this dish and I was amused by the consistency of Chef Sugiyama’s cooking. Scales were savory and crispy whilst the meat was moist and cooked to perfection. The cooking process was also a joy to witness, which stimulated our sight and smell simultaneously.... More

on 28 Sep 2023

Vol. 3, Interview with Daigo Sugiyama of Onjaku and Naoki Maeda of Sasue Maeda (in Japanese)

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静岡・焼津『茶懐石 温石』杉山乃互編。
Vol.3 駿河湾の幸を未来に繋ぐために必要なこと

『茶懐石 温石(おんじゃく)』の杉山乃互(だいご)さんとタッグを組む魚屋『サスエ前田魚(うお)店』前田尚毅(なおき)さんは、2023年9月、「超DXサミット」で「持続可能な海の幸グルメ賞」、「Sustainable... More

on 08 Jun 2023

Another amazing meal at Onjaku, highlights this time: Kuromutsu (blue fish) and Kawayatsume (king lamprey) — I learn some new fish names every time I visit! @daigonjaku •
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9 / 10
on 01 May 2023

Japan just keeps on delivering. Yaizu, a 13 minute ride from Shizuoka on the local train with school kids returning one after school, is a nondescript town which seems to have been abandoned by its residents. On the Main Street the shops are mostly closed, the odd beer place are the only places open.
In a very residential neighborhood a very normal house stands. However when you are let in a new world opens. A beautiful garden surrounds a very Classical Japanese building with a small counter seating... More

on 01 Mar 2023

One of my favorite #TravelForFood destinations, main ingredient this time was Akaza ebi, which was perfectly grilled. The shiitake topped with ebi miso was a umami bomb @daigonjaku •
#foodgasm #yum #eat #foodpic #foodpics #foodphotography #foodlover #tasty #hungry #foodblogger #dessert #foods #cooking #foodies... More

on 15 Jun 2022

Cha kaiseki Onjaku 茶懐石温石 1st visit — another remotely located highly rated restaurant that’s worth traveling to. The grill was the centerpiece, and how the chef uses it to bring out the flavors of the ingredients was remarkable. The kinmedai here was pure perfection — crispy scales, juicy meat, profound flavor. The two hour trip from Tokyo was definitely worthwhile. •
#foodgasm #yum #eat #foodpic #foodpics #foodphotography... More

on 29 May 2022

Nice little cha-kaiseki restaurant located down the coast from Shizuoka city in Yaizu. High quality locally sourced seafood, but the highlight really is the kinmedai, grilled with the scales on and served with 3 different sauces. Max level crunchiness, texture and flavour... really outstanding, with the scales adding an unparalleled dimension to this fish. Worth the trip just for this.
#料理 #レストラン #東京... More

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6-chōme-14-12 Honmachi, Yaizu, Shizuoka 425-0022, Japan


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+81 54-626-2587