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Average rating from 2 meals 8 / 10
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Christophe Hardiquist


Regional cuisine Cuisine

Foodle Reviews

8 / 10
on 17 Oct 2017

Wonderful dinner in 2 star restaurant Bon-Bon in Brussels. A plain townhouse with a raised vegetable garden around the building houses a restaurant with table seating and limited counter seats. The young team looks more like a bike gang than a fine dining food crew, but they produce with great precision a diverse fall menu which delights, the combination of bonito and eel being the runaway highlight of the meal.

on 08 Feb 2017

Pineapple drink, chocolate with mint, speculaas, ring with wasabi
Bon Bon, Brussels (July 2016)

8 / 10
on 05 Sep 2015

Impressive Lunch with fun dishes at Bonbon**

Recommended in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre


Avenue de Tervueren 453, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Belgium


Permanently Closed


+32 (2) 3466615