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Terukuni Obana



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on 09 Jan 2024

Tabelog 4.16 🥉

1) Kita-murasaki Uni[北紫雲丹] from Hatate [羽立水產]

Our visit was in late Nov so we didn’t expect to see so many types of uni. Thanks to the special arrangement by Obana San, we got to try the no.1 kita-murasaki uni from 3 best producers. Without a shadow of a doubt, Hatate was textbook kita-murasaki uni, which was packed with ocean flavors and delicate sweetness to finish. The freshness was also outstanding as the uni was firm and creamy.

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on 17 Jul 2023

This place is top notch pretty much all year round, but winter is particularly outstanding. Sourcing of the best neta and outstanding signature ikura and ankimo dishes also. The shari-neta balance is always superb, with just the right amount of punch to match the bolder fish. Sake pairing is always interesting, with a fair amount of emphasis on seasonal sakes and often unavailable bottles. One of my favourites!
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on 06 Feb 2023

New review on Sushi Obana, one of my top 3 Sushiyas in Japan, up on my blog 🔼 Link in profile 🔼

Fellow foodies are always baffled by my answer, either confused by having never heard of Obana or confused by how the food at Obana can possibly be better than likes of Amamoto, Namba, Sawada etc.

After all, Obana is well known for purchasing extremely high quality neta including #1 boxes of Uni and some of the very best tuna from Yamayuki

on 06 Feb 2023

New review on Sushi Obana, one of my top 3 Sushiyas in Japan, up on my blog 🔼 Link in profile 🔼

Despite having the privilege of dining at most of the top-tier famous Sushiyas in Japan, my favourite Edomae-style Sushiya is the relatively inconspicuous Sushi Obana

on 20 Jan 2022

Sushi Obana 鮨おばな 2nd visit — finally got to come during ikura season, these are probably some of the richest and creamiest ikura, well balanced with the akazu shari. All the otsumami, nigiri and sake pairings were on point, well worth the almost 4 hours round trip from Tokyo. •

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on 09 Jan 2022


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on 15 Jan 2021

There are only a few places that exceed the perfection that is Sushi Obana in the winter season. 2 angles of that uni rice starter for good effect. Boom.
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on 10 Jan 2021

鮨おばなのマジック。 最近の食事はこれまでで最高の食事でした。 血聞ぎし、コハダ、カイワレ大根はいつものように素晴らしかった。 コハダは史上最高のコハダでした。 とても感動的でした! おばなさんはとても前向きな気分だったので、みんな本当に幸せでした!
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5-1 Ōtemachi, Tatebayashi, Gunma 374-0023, Japan


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+81 276-72-1604