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Nicolai Ellitsgaard


Modern Cuisine

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on 26 Oct 2023

The Ocean @underlindesnes

- Langoustine, fermented honey, plum -
- Lamb, aged veggies, preserved berries -
- Truffle seaweed, caramelised egg yolk, ants -
- Blueberry, mahogany clam garum ice cream -

Wine pairing 🥂

- Egon Müller, Scharzhof 2022 -
- La Spinetta, Sassontino 2007 -
- Kracher, Traminer Trockenbeerenausl. No.2 1999 -

Maybe the most beautiful restaurant in the world 🌎

A wonderful experience by @ellitsgaard_under and his team 🙏❤️... More

on 24 Oct 2023

The Ocean @underlindesnes

- Birch flatbread, langoustine, fenelår -
- Rayed artemis, yeast, jarusalem artichoke -
- Eel, asparagus, potato, cucumber -
- Lobster, celeriac, mushroom foam -
- Fiskepudding, fermented flour, herring roe -
- Cod, whey, blackcurrant wood -

Wine pairing 🥂

- Dom Pérignon, Vintage 2013 -
- Weingut Knoll, Smaragd 2021 -
- Château d’Esclans, Garrus rosé 2021 -
- Da Sousa, Caudalies 2010 -
- Thomas Morey, Chassagne Montrachet... More

on 19 Jul 2023

Swidden Rye - venison and two year old goat cheese
Sea "Salad" - periwinkle, razor clams, cockles, oyster and seaweed
Lingroe - hazelnuts and potato
Eel - kefir and chestnuts
Wild Rang Lamb - aged lingonberry and forest sauce
Autumn Roots - parsnip, beetroot and whey
Our next stop was to the spectacular @underlindesnes Under, which was a short flight from Oslo followed by a 2 hour drive. But it’s certainly worth the trek to get there. The restaurant is situated five and... More

10 / 10
on 27 May 2023
on 06 May 2023

Beneath the surface, playful dishes with wide ranging cooking styles and techniques followed one after another. There was a strong focus on regional seafood ingredients and vegetables and unique preparations. The meal was enjoyable overall, although the duration was fairly lengthy and service varied depending on the staff. It is hard to beat the incredible space itself though... After a few hours, you forget you are still on earth and not in some spaceship,... More

on 07 Nov 2022

Under Lindesnes, 1 Michelin star — a striking architecture located in the southern tip of Norway, half sunken into the icy water, with the dining room 5 meters below surface. Food itself lacks a bit wow factor compared to the the experience of dining under water but such a special way to explore the nature and ingredients of this remote place. •

#foodgasm #yum #eat #foodpic #foodpics #foodphotography #foodlover... More

10 / 10
on 12 Dec 2019

This is not a meal, this is a journey.
A journey below the surface of the cold ocean in Norway, 5.5 meters below to be precise. It starts with coming to Lindesnes, the town closest to the restaurant, a beautiful drive from the airport leads through a rugged landscape, broken up by bays and lakes. The final stage is a walk along the bay approaching a structure which looks like a subway carriage which was partially submerged into the ocean. Once you entered the restaurant you get embraced by warm... More

on 27 Aug 2019

Soured milk custard, white currant, seabuckthorn, bee pollen

Juice Pairings: Lemon thyme with sugar kelp | Plum and pine spruce | Rhubarb infused with pine | White currant and elderflower | Pear infused with sourdough bread | Cherry and hibiscus | Raspberry, apple, honey | Pu Erh Tea from Yunnan, cold brewed for 48 hours
Restaurant Under, Lindesnes (Aug 2019)
#visitnorway #restaurantunder... More

10 / 10
on 20 Aug 2019

Stunning architecture, beautiful country side and a fantastic meal by Nicolai Ellitsgaard, another talented Danish Chef and a rising star.


4521 Båly, Norway


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