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Ocean Porches


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Hans Neuner


Creative, Contemporary European

Foodle Reviews

on 03 Nov 2023

"Feijoada" - Lobster, Pork belly, Chorizo".
A menu inspired by Brazilian flavours? By an Austrian chef in Portugal?
The introduction took me by surprise. A good surprise, by the way.
I had made a point of not trying to find out anything beforehand about what I was going to eat. Which requires a certain amount of discipline when information stumbles in front of you at the turn of every scroll.
But I do my best to counter this paradox in the world of fine dining, where diners arrive having seen... More

on 10 Jan 2023

The discoveries route @restauranteocean

- Sole, peanut, ‘matapa’ -
- Tiger prawns, tomato, XO sauce -
- Quail piripiri, tomato salad -
- Lamb, mung beans, mango, purple curry -
- Cashew seeds & fruit -
- Banana, cardamom, sura cake -

A journey from Portugal to India by @hansneuner


#Oadtop100 #thebestchefawards #foodtravel #finedining #michelinstars #gourmet #foodgasm... More

on 09 Jan 2023

The discoveries route @restauranteocean

- Ash corn, yam, caviar -
- Blue crab, passion fruit, coconut -
- Olive, tarragon, seaweed bread -
- Oyster, dill, cucumber, escabeche -
- Langoustine, lemongrass, black tea, persimmon -

@hansneuner takes you on a journey from Portugal to India ✨

#Oadtop100 #thebestchefawards #foodtravel #finedining #michelinstars #gourmet #foodgasm... More


R. Anneliese Pohl, 8400-450 Porches, Portugal


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+351 282 310 100