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on 10 May 2023

One of the highlights of our Scandinavia trip was at our last meal in Oslo. Tasty dishes that were beautifully presented as well as pushing some of the creative boundaries. There were a few dishes which were to die for, and although the service was slightly awkward at first, it quickly changed to being tip top. Fantastic wine service also and I am definitely looking forward to a chance of visiting again.
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on 09 Nov 2022

Kontrast Oslo, 1 Michelin star — modern, semi-industrial decor, both presentation and flavor were refined, sophisticated and on point. One of the best meals of the trip. •

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on 16 Feb 2018

Kontrast is a Modern Scandinavian restaurant focusing on local ingredients in an open and modern kitchen design. We walked from our hotel in the snow to the restaurant. At 20:00 the restaurant was full and we were suggested after the snacks to move to a table just in front of the open kitchen. We had the 10 courses menu and did not regret. We liked most of the dishes and the relax atmosphere.

on 23 Jan 2017

Cold brewed "Dream Garden" tea | Summer spritzer made of grapefruit and lemon | Cranberry juice | Green tea | Organic apple juice | Organic apple juice with berries | Black currant juice | Iced tea with brown sugar | Homemade strawberry soda
Restaurant Kontrast, Oslo (July 2016)

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Maridalsveien 15a, 0175 Oslo, Norway


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+47 21 600 101