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Foodle Reviews

9 / 10
on 23 Mar 2022

I felt that the course was carefully crafted under the concept of sustainablity.
The vegetables themselves were outstandingly delicious. I especially enjoyed the leaf tacos. It was a wonderful harmony and deliciousness.
The menu was not overly international or overly fashion driven, but rather focused on the deliciousness of the local ingredients.
The ham and salami were also excellent. I felt that a new harmony was created by focusing on high quality vegetables and ingredients in a precise way.... More

10 / 10
on 18 Mar 2022

Felix Schneider is pure genius. And like other people in the same sphere, he has humour. And despite his accolades he remained humble.
Forget all the hype, like buying a cow and then using it in its entirety over the course of a few weeks, or his super local approach. Felix is an explorer of the essence of the taste of a product and aims to make humble vegetables sexy.
He and his team are incredibly successful in doing so.
His menus are full of flavor, seemingly simple but require complex procedures... More

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