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seasonal regional cuisine Cuisine, Progressive Peruvian


Virgilio Martínez

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on 30 May 2023

My fantastic meal at MIL after the immersion (check my reel earlier) focusing on product of the high Andes. No chance to describe the dishes, as most of these i gredients are highly unknown in the rest of the world.
A highly recommended experience, don’t miss the last photos about the sureoundings, the Moray inca ruins and one of the best coffees I ever had! (And I already had hundreds of fantastic ones around the best cafes of the world…)

👉 #jokuti_mil

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on 07 Mar 2023

The amazing chuño, also called tunta or moraya, is a freeze-dried potato from the Andes that is virtually weightless and lasts a long, long time.
“It can be stored for over twenty years, it will never go bad it will never rot”, says Jan Brack Faura, Mater’s Director of Projects. “And It has more calcium and iron than rice and wheat.”
It is a natural process, at high altitudes (above 3.800 m), which involves a combination of freezing the product and lowering pressure, removing the ice... More

on 05 Mar 2023

Fermentations, distillates and infusions at @milcentro made with botanicals, herbs and roots collected in the region. Led by @mc.mater , a specialist in drinks and craft cocktails. This one in particular is made entirely from cactus, using the fleshy leaves and seeds.
He extracts the leaves from the cactus, removes the thorns and bark. Then he blends it to extract the silky and viscous texture.
For the colour, he collects the fruits of the cactus, removes the bark, blends and... More

on 03 Mar 2023

One plant and its many uses.
Kjolle (Buddleja coriacea) with its bright yellow-orange blossoms.
Alpaca wool dyed with this and other wild plants collected around @milcentro , by the women from the neighbouring community of Kacllaraccay, applying traditional dyeing knowledge and techniques.
Dish at MIL: Kjolle in jelly, yoghurt, muña (Minthostachys mollis), pampa anis (Tagetes pusilla Kh) and Kunuka (Xenophyllum dactylophyllum)

10 / 10
on 27 Jan 2019

It is a hike to get there. It is close to Cusco, but only when you look at it from Europe. It takes 3 hours to drive from the airport in Cusco. But trust me, it is worth it.

This lunch-only restaurant is itself a beautiful building, simple, restrained with straight lines and pastel colors. It instills calmness as soon as you enter.

Virgilio Martínez’s High altitude restaurant is very close to Moray, the ancient Inca ruin where the Incas experimented with food. Moray is built so that the... More


Vía a Moray, Maras 08655, Peru


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+51 970 645 908