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David Muñoz


Fusion, Asian Street Food

Foodle Reviews

on 29 Jul 2021

Another visit to steer xo Madrid. Always loud, raucous, but most of all, tasty fun 😋
Michelin Guide - 🍽
OAD - ‘recommended’
W50B -
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on 29 Dec 2019

Desserts and a massive cocktail.
How do you follow an incredible meal at ⭐️⭐️⭐️ @dabizdiverxo DiverXO in Madrid? You go to @streetxomadrid of course. What would we like to eat we were asked. “Give us all of the food please” was the standard reply. And so they did. As expected, punchy flavourful street food style dishes followed and our hands got very messy. Another level from StreetXO London (which I really enjoyed) this is a raucous affair, and any place that... More

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Calle de Serrano, 52, 28001 Madrid, Spain


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+34 915 31 98 84