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Diego Murciego


Modern Seafood

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on 16 Aug 2023

Frisuelos brulee - Spanish hybrid of crepes suzettee and creme brulee

on 16 Aug 2023

Sea bass in wood oven

on 16 Aug 2023

Rice with lobster and pork trottas

on 15 Aug 2023

Cauil clam with uannera sauce

8 / 10
on 20 Jul 2023

Pescaderías Coruñesas is a family-owned business founded in 1911, dedicated to fishing and seafood exploitation. Over the years, it evolved into a successful company with a strong tradition of excellence and a profound respect for the sea. The company's dedication to providing top-quality seafood in Madrid made it a leading name in the industry.

In 1956, the fourth generation of fishmongers and carriers, Maria Juliana Azpíroz and Evaristo García, took over the family business and fulfilled... More

on 23 Jun 2023

That mind blowing solid chunk of #prawnbrain inside the head …
#desde1911 #madrid @little_meg_siu_meg

on 03 Jun 2022

In every city and every country they will have their own specialty. But only in Spain the spectrum spans so broad and quality so high overall. We are only looking at seafood, but there are also the best Galician beef, the best Iberian pigs, great rice and vegetables, mushroom and so much more.

But what I love about Spain is that they excel both in the traditional AND contemporary ways of expressing the techniques and optimizing their ingredients. They can coexist with no conflicts. Last trip to... More

on 03 Jun 2022

I was praying the finale would live up to the standard of seafood and cheese at @desde_1911 , and they did not disappointed. My favorite was Torrija (Spanish french toast) which has always been one of my top favorite Spanish desserts. Here they paired it with chocolate mousse, olive oil and salt, plus another drizzle of hot velvety smooth chocolate sauce 😍😍😍 (pic 1-2). I mean salt, chocolate and olive oil, always the unbeaten combo and so Spanish.

Another dessert we had was “Milhojas... More

on 01 Jun 2022

Who would have thought my best cheese course in Europe happened in Spain and not Paris? I spotted the cheese display when I walked into @desde_1911 I knew I must order it even cheese is optional on the menu. And it was so epic! Please do not ask me about the names of each cheese, there were so many options I failed on decision making and simply let @samarela1976 who had always been the most helpful to pick for us. Everything was just SO GOOD!

And we also got another special... More

on 31 May 2022

13. Rodaballo del Golfo de Vizcaya en Horno de Leña
Vizcayan Bay Turbot in Wood Oven
@desde_1911 , Madrid (March 2022)

Turbot has become so iconic as the fish to be enjoyed in Spain, I think partly due to the rise of Elkano internationally. But it is true that Spanish are the people who have the wisdom to utilize the gelatine from grilling fatty white fish to make a sauce, so everything goes back and nothing, especially the essence, is wasted. And only when you have fish this big that... More

on 23 May 2022

12. Arroz meloso com Pulpets de la Costa Brava
Meloso rice with Costa Brava’s Baby Octopus @desde_1911 , Madrid (March 2022)

No one will be surprised if one claims Spain has some of the best octopus (plus another 100 types of seafood 😜). I love these baby octopus because they won’t get chewy like the big ones (although when properly prepared the giant ones can be so mesmerisingly tender); and their head is like another capsule of umami. These baby octopus with arroz meloso (creamy... More

on 23 May 2022

11. Berberechos de Cambados en Escabeche con Menestra de Verduras
Pickled Cambado’s Cockles with Vegetable Stew

@desde_1911 , Madrid (March 2022)

Spring vegetables did not lose out to the seafood here, especially when they were combined. We got the season first white asparagus which were huge in size, so soft with zero fibre (pic 3); sweet teardrop peas (guisantes lágrima) worked wonders when paired with berberechos, the huge cockles from Cambado. The incredible oceanic flavor from... More

on 22 May 2022

(SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) Carabinero, espardenyes, kokotxas, jamon iberico, etc are some of the ingredients that immediately ring the bell of uniquely Spanish. Angulas aka baby eel also belongs to that category.

I LOVE angulas but I don’t always come to Spain when it is available. This time we were fortunate to catch the tail end of angulas season at @desde_1911 , and it was so off-the-chart amazing ❤️‍🔥 In pic 1-2 you can see the thick angulas piled up, almost like noodles, with... More

on 20 May 2022

8-9. Chipirón de Anzuelo en dos maneras
Fish Hooked Baby Squid in two ways
@desde_1911 , Madrid (March 2022)

If you have had chipirons in Spain I am sure you will understand why they are so addictive. Here we got two preparations, one was just grilled for the original taste (right of pic 1); the second was to cook it in squid ink and stuffed with onion confit and red pepper (pic 2). My picture for the stuffing was ugly but this was really #uglydelicious . The sweetness from... More

on 20 May 2022

(SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) 7. Camarones de Cambados a la Brasa
Grilled Camarone Shrimp from Cambados, Galicia

@desde_1911 , Madrid (March 2022)

Served with the grilled big carabinero was a bowl of small camarone shrimp from Cambados (pic 1-2). They were small compared to the red prawn but actually big to the regular camarones you find, and were alive before being grilled (pic 6-7).

Once again you can see the premium quality from the color, the unbroken tentacles and legs, and every shrimp... More

on 20 May 2022

(SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) 6. Carabinero de Huelva a la Brasa
Huelva’s Grilled Red Prawn
@desde_1911 , Madrid, Spain (March 2022)

The carabinero was served with camarones (pic 2) but I will do two posts separately. I mean, in Spain I have had red prawns in many restaurants and most of them were impressive. But THIS was one of the biggest I had, I was 😱 when I saw it came and I put a full size table spoon next to it for you to visualise the actual size.

The prawn was grilled and sprinkled... More

on 19 May 2022

(REPOST: SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) 5. Tartar de Quisquilla de Motril con sus cabezas flameadas
Motril’s Quisquilla Shrimp Tartar with their heads fambleed in Cognac

@desde_1911 , Madrid (March 2022)

I am reposting this as I mixed up on some pictures 😬🤦🏼‍♀️🙇‍♀️. For me shrimp / prawn family has always been the most outstanding seafood in Spain both in quality and variety, so whenever I am in seafood restaurants in Spain, I always want to try as many as possible.

Quisquillas... More

on 17 May 2022

(SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) 3-4. Sashimi y Ceviche de Salmonete Asturiano
Asturian Mullet Sashimi and Ceviche @desde_1911 , Madrid (March 2022)

The 3rd and 4th preparations came from the same fish - red mullet (salmonete) from Asturias. Unlike red mullets from the South, these Asturian red mullets have a different diet eating mostly shrimps (which means they have better diet that all of us as they are eating Spanish every day🦐 😂) and relatively bigger in size.

The fish was filleted in... More

on 17 May 2022

Video 1 & pic 2-4 : Salmon Ahumado Ecológico
Ecologic Smoked Salmon

Pic 5-6: Coquina de Cádiz a la Brasa
Grilled Cadiz’s Coquina

Pic 7-9: Bread and Olive Oil

@desde_1911 , Madrid, Spain (March 2022)

We kicked off with thinly hand sliced ecologic smoked salmon (video 1) that had a very smooth texture and the oil and flesh were superb in flavor, it clearly stood out with its pristine quality compared to so many smoked salmon in other restaurants. The oil was sweet and not cloying... More

on 17 May 2022

(SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) I always want to get good seafood meals when travelling and it is literally a must when in Spain which IMO has the best quality and variety of seafood as a whole.

Last fall(Sep 2021) I visited Los Marino Jose in Malaga which was arguably one of my best ever seafood meals in my life. In March 2022, I visited @desde_1911 , a relatively new seafood restaurant in Madrid, a lot easier to travel to and served yet another outrageously delicious seafood meal that topped... More

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