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El Club Allard Madrid


Average rating from 1 meal 5 / 10
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José Carlos Fuentes


Creative, Modern Spanish

Foodle Reviews

5 / 10
on 14 Jun 2017

We have ordered the tasting menu. One of us had the wine pairing. The menu was uneven, some dishes were very good, some were not to the standard of 2 Michelin star restaurant. Exceptionally good was the cold cherry soup with hering caviar, the quail egg and truffle cupcake. Generally the starters and the amouse bouche were good standard. The mains for us were blend without much creativity. But the biggest problem was the rhythm of the service. All dishes were following eachother within minutes. It... More

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Calle Ferraz, 2, 28008 Madrid, Spain


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+34 915 59 09 39