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7 / 10
on 16 Jan 2020

This place is on no foodie's list of places-to-go. But it should be. A former pub converted into a Gastro pub it serves honest food at excellent prices. And it has special gems which one should not miss.

Game is definitely one of the strong points here as they get supplied on a weekly basis from the owner with whatever he shot.
The Venison Scotch egg has redefined the way this dish was presented. It comes with a liquid core wrapped in thinly cut venison and an outer layer which is crispy and... More

7 / 10
on 24 Jan 2017

I had my family at the Harwood arms, and invited the extended London family for a dinner here as well. No problem with the kids, we were in the more informal part – the pub and it was greate. Once again, very good food, focus on game and I had a scotch egg and some fish. I have still to understand the scotch egg, I like the idea of it, but when I eat it I get disappointed.
Again – this restaurant is a bit out of the way, it looks like a pub, and it is, just with a very high level of food (it... More

7 / 10
on 23 Jan 2017

Harwood Arms is a gastro-pub. It’s situated in a quiet (and a bit boring) part of the London called Walham Green. There is a lot of city-houses around the pub, and not much else.
From the outside it looks like a pub, and from the inside it looks like a pub. But it’s a Michelin star rewarded restaurant. I ate there two days in a row in January of 2014. First time after conducting a conference in the London office with people from all of Europe and from most of the London office. And it was very... More

8 / 10
on 31 Dec 2013

Slightly pushed the boat out on this occasion as it was a decent way to do something good on New Year’s Eve during the day and then get out of London Central before being over-loaded with tourists and general New Year congestion. All the dishes were fantastic – the meats were sublimely tender, the salads were gently glazed with powerful dressings and were therefore saved from being boring and the vegetables were perfect, most notably the roast potatoes. They even had a bottle of Château... More

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Walham Grove, Fulham, London SW6 1QP, UK


Open hours


+44 (20) 7386 1847