Meal at The Harwood Arms

Meal at The Harwood Arms

at Harwood Arms on 31 December 2013
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Slightly pushed the boat out on this occasion as it was a decent way to do something good on New Year’s Eve during the day and then get out of London Central before being over-loaded with tourists and general New Year congestion.  All the dishes were fantastic – the meats were sublimely tender, the salads were gently glazed with powerful dressings and were therefore saved from being boring and the vegetables were perfect, most notably the roast potatoes.  They even had a bottle of Château d’Yquem for an amazing £120 so clearly that was done to go with dessert and was a lovely thing to have to finish.  Another thumbs up meal here making one very happy when leaving.

Food Grade: 84%

8 / 10

Duck starter

Tarlet starter

Beef main

Lamb main

Side Vegetable

Rhubarb mini donughts with dips

Panna cotta


Quality finish

Interior (1)

Interior (2)

Interior (3)

Interior (4)

Menu (1)

Menu (2)

Beer selection

Vension scotch egg

Pure happiness

Michelin starred venison scotch egg – £3.50


Ice cream and vanilla snow


Pork salad


Strawberry desert

Mini doughnuts with whipped cream dip