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Kiyoshi Inomata



Foodle Reviews

on 17 Jun 2024

Magnificenct Ika nigiri by Inomata-san ~ The texture was wonderful and the contrast with the shari was just perfect. @sushi_inomata is one of the best sushi restaurants in Japan! Mark my words!
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on 13 Nov 2023

Aori Ika 🦑🎌

Just wonderful ✨

@sushi_inomata is one of the best sushi restaurant I ever visited. Strongly recommended if you ever go to Japan. It’s super delicious and not that hard to book ~

#paris #sushi #sushi🍣 #nigiri #france #パリ #フランス #food #reels #foodie #japan #ginza #tokyo #japanesefood #explore... More

on 24 May 2023

Kanpyo roll

on 24 May 2023

Negitoro roll

on 24 May 2023

Sakura masu

on 17 Nov 2021

鮨 猪股
Always happy to be back here, and this meal was perhaps the best so far. All the nigiri were perfectly balanced with just the perfect amount of power, unami and sourness in the shari to support the outstanding neta that day. The vinegar does get you pretty thirsty but nothing that a few nice bottles of red burgundy can't solve..
#料理 #レストラン #東京 #食事... More

on 25 Sep 2021

Akazu aged sushi and red burgs are perfect match.
01 Bizot VR 1er— elegant floral, spicy nose, juicy palate. Not extremely concentrated but amazing purity and precision.
97 Engel GE — started a bit musty and advanced, got fresher with time but VA was overpowering. Not the best Engel but works with the akazu shari.
13 Vougeraie Mazoyeres — the most powerful and muscular of the three, though still managed to maintain balance with juicy fruit, subtle spices and oak extract. A very decent effort... More

9 / 10
on 09 Jun 2021

Classic Edomae sushi place a little bit outside the center of Tokyo. Excellent ingredients and a very well seasoned Shari. Aging between no day to 10 days depending on the fish and judgment of the Taishou.
He and his wife are very sociable and provide the guest with an great hospitality to create an atmosphere as if you were at their house.
Definitely worth the hike!

on 16 Aug 2020

Catching up after being sick and not posting - here’s some of my favorite sushi. Way out in Saitama, but worth the trek. Aged fish, strong flavors, “nigiri only”, and a killer saké selection. @sushi_inomata is the real deal. Some of the greatest uni and ikura I’ve tasted, anywhere.

on 18 Jan 2020

I don’t often post sushi, and certainly not nigiri (too time sensitive), but this was too good not to share. A few of the more unique pieces at Sushi Inomata. It’s a long way from central Tokyo, but his specialty in premium ingredients and prolonged aging is worth your time. Highly recommended. ありがとうございます、@sushi_inomata

Recommended in Kawaguchi


Japan, 〒332-0016 Saitama-ken, Kawaguchi-shi, Saiwaichō, 1 Chome−12−23 サンリーブ幸町コートハウス


+81 48-211-4175