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Ramen Akedoya Ichikawa


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on 21 Apr 2022

らー麺 あけどや

Akedoya is a highly ranked miso ramen shop out on the border of Tokyo and Chiba. The hunt for great miso ramen is a hard one. Miso can be too funky or too salty. For many ramen hunters, it’s the easiest to find fault in. For this ramen hunter, Akedoya was a great bowl with one major fault.


Full write up on my website.

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on 11 Sep 2021

味噌ら〜麺 / Miso Ramen / Ramen Akedoya - Ichikawa, Chiba

Signature miso ramen is made with a double soup of chicken and gyokai, using four kinds of miso in the tare. Noodles are from Teigaku, based in Kyoto. Master Natsume-san first trained at the Chiba ramen shops Panke and Ashura before running Ashura Hayate (since closed). When he decided to open his own shop, he asked his daughter (who was 2 years old at the time) what a good name would be. She said "Akedoya." Open since 2013. @akedoya... More

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1-chōme-2-22 Ichikawaminami, Ichikawa, Chiba 272-0033, Japan


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+81 47-324-1760