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Nicolai Ellitsgaard



Foodle Reviews

10 / 10
on 12 Dec 2019

This is not a meal, this is a journey.
A journey below the surface of the cold ocean in Norway, 5.5 meters below to be precise. It starts with coming to Lindesnes, the town closest to the restaurant, a beautiful drive from the airport leads through a rugged landscape, broken up by bays and lakes. The final stage is a walk along the bay approaching a structure which looks like a subway carriage which was partially submerged into the ocean. Once you entered the restaurant you get embraced by warm... More

on 27 Aug 2019

Soured milk custard, white currant, seabuckthorn, bee pollen

Juice Pairings: Lemon thyme with sugar kelp | Plum and pine spruce | Rhubarb infused with pine | White currant and elderflower | Pear infused with sourdough bread | Cherry and hibiscus | Raspberry, apple, honey | Pu Erh Tea from Yunnan, cold brewed for 48 hours
Restaurant Under, Lindesnes (Aug 2019)
#visitnorway #restaurantunder... More

10 / 10
on 20 Aug 2019

Stunning architecture, beautiful country side and a fantastic meal by Nicolai Ellitsgaard, another talented Danish Chef and a rising star.


4521 Båly, Norway


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